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ABOUT TedXYouth@AvenorCollege

  TEDxYouth@AvenorCollege is an event that operates under a ‘Youth’ type TED license. These special events are often organised by young people. They are intriguing, smart and interactive events that bring ideas worth spreading to all ages.

  This TEDx event is student-led by 19 high school students from Avenor College. Our dedicated team has been working hard to make this event happen for months. The organising process was not always easy. We also encountered obstacles along the way and were told we were aiming too high many times. Despite this, we can now present to you an event we are proud of. Our moral of the story? If we managed to do it, anyone can.

  Thank you to everyone who contributed, especially to our volunteers and teachers. We couldn’t do this without you.


  Sandra Pitu

    Main Organizer

  Eric Mironescu

    General Advisor

  Mara Băndilă

    Website Management     Coordinator

  Sara Chirivilă

    Event Management Coordinator

  Filip Tudose

    Event Management

  Brianna Corcodel

    Event Management

  Iarina Rață

    Event Management

  Luca Păiuș

    Sponsorships and Budget     Coordinator

  Vlad Pagnejer

    Sponsorships and Budget

  Ilinca Pușchilă

    Curation Coordinator

  Teodora Răducanu

    Curation Coordinator

  Sofia Ene


  Karina Pitu

    Marketing Coordinator

  Iarina Mazilu


  Miruna Petre


  Alexandra Boniu

    Executive Production     Coordinator

  Clara Ciușcă

    Executive Production

  Valentin Mămăligă

    Design Coordinator

  Sara Roșca

    Design Coordinator